Wednesday, 13 September 2017

message of kindness

Message of kindness

The wind was extremely freezing. The male penguins had gone to the ocean to find food for their mates who were looking after their clutch. However one penguin had gotten lost and couldn’t find his way back to his mate, it was getting colder and colder. There was ice and thick blankets of snow everywhere, the penguin had no idea where he was or where the other penguins were.

He was lost and starving. Suddenly his feet started to freeze, he was stuck in the middle of nowhere. Soon his whole body froze. He started calling for help, and he got louder and louder.Soon though his voice started to fade. Luckily one of the male penguins was coming back from the ocean with a fish in his mouth and heard him calling. The male penguin stood up still not making a peep to hear which way the call was coming from. He suddenly dropped the fish and wobbled closer to the cry.

Once he wobbled to the cry he didn’t know where to go because the cry wasn’t forward, backwards, right or left. In fact, the cry was coming from underneath. The male penguin started to make a hole in the thick snow with his beak. Then the snow got harder, the snow was too hard to break. Then he noticed it wasn’t snow. It was the male penguin that had frozen solid. The male penguin started to dig into the ice to free the penguin but he made no progress.

He searched for a way to carry the frozen bird. While he walked around he spotted a tipped over wagon filled with snow. He quickly rushed over to the wagon and began emptying the snow with his feet. The other penguins had no idea what he was doing, they all thought he was crazy. Once he emptied the wagon he put his wings through the handle of the wagon and started to pull. When he got back to the frozen penguin he pulled him out of the snow and placed him in the wagon. He pulled him back to the waddle where he started pecking the ice off hoping that the other penguins would help him. One at a time penguins started to help, soon the male penguin was only covered in a thin layer of ice. While the penguins had a rest the thin layer of ice melted and turned into cold water.

The penguin wasn’t breathing for a second, a lot of the penguins thought he was dead. Unaware of his rescue the penguin woke up, and flicked the remaining water off. Then his mate came running over with their chick. The clutch had hatched while the male penguin was frozen out in the snow. The penguins sang a song as the mates were reunited. The penguins huddled together and celebrated the bravery and kindness of the male penguin.

This piece of writing was for the year 3's to show more kindness to each other.

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